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Model Portfolio
Model Portfolio 1M Return 3M Return Annual Return Absolute Return Details
Portfolio 1 11.14 -2.81 44.50 197.27 View
Portfolio 2 5.56 -5.82 19.10 99.56 View
Portfolio 3 10.94 2.93 23.89 135.65 View
portfolio 4 5.24 -7.14 13.16 156.58 View
portfolio 5 6.00 -5.59 10.35 225.98 View
Portfolio 6 9.15 0.12 19.33 212.04 View
Portfolio 7 8.15 0.44 3.98 185.29 View
Portfolio 8 11.45 -2.22 43.55 197.35 View
Portfolio 9 5.56 -5.82 19.10 99.56 View

The model portfolios listed below illustrate the advantages that Pragmatic Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd Advisory Service can provide subscribers. These portfolios, constructed with both ease of operation and performance in mind.

Each fund portfolio selects up to ten approximately equally weighted positions of the ITE Shariah Compliant Stocks. Annual rebalancing of the positions is recommended.

The thirteen model fund portfolios are reviewed daily after the close of trading. Any holding which has triggered a specific sell rule is then sold on the following day. Replacing the sold fund is the security with both the highest Islami Tijara Rating Score and an ISlami Tijara Buy Recommendation from the respective industry.

The Islami Tijara Model Stock Portfolio is reviewed daily at the close of trading IST and any transaction which is recommended for either purchase or sale would then be completed on the next trading day with all trades priced at the average of the High and Low of the security on the day of the trade.

The Islami Tijara Model portfolios consists of up to ten (10) equally weighted positions; each security is selected from a master list of up to 1000 Shariah Compliant stocks utilizing both the Islami Tijara Rating Score and the Islami Tijara Buy Recommendation. Buy recommendations are arrived based on fundamental and technical analysis. This portfolio is best categorized as All-Cap and All-Style since the selections are not limited by either market capitalization or investment style. This is a long only portfolio. Assets are moved to cash when acceptable investment options are not identified by the portfolio analytic. The Islami Tijara model portfolio is designed to be used either in conjunction with other Islami Tijara model portfolios or to be used as the tactical portion of an overall asset allocation portfolio. This portfolio aims to out-perform the benchmark in positively trending markets.

Since the holdings in this portfolio are not limited by market cap or investment style, and are selected using the Islami Tijara Rating Score coupled with further technical analysis, subscribers utilizing the Islami Tijara Stock Portfolio can be exposed to a variety of sectors and segments at any given time. When a market segment turns negative, the Islami Tijara Stock portfolio has the ability of reducing exposure in that segment by moving the Investment either into another sector, or into cash.